Abraham lincoln biography | President of America

Abraham Lincoln has all the information. Abraham Lincoln was the former President of the country of America. Abraham Lincoln is remembered for ending America`s years of civil war. There is an attempt to give information about his achievements and honors.

His entire life was full of happiness. The biography and history of Abraham Lincoln are brief in this biography. So let`s know about this great American.

Biography Of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in a poor black family in Kentucky, USA. Abraham Lincoln`s father`s name was Thomas Lincoln and his mother's name was Nancy Lincoln. Mother had died in her childhood. Abraham Lincoln's father remarried after the death of his first wife. Abraham Lincoln was very poor. Abraham Lincoln did a variety of jobs and jobs for income. He worked from selling meats to cutting wood. He also worked as a farm laborer for a livelihood. He also worked as a postmaster. For some time he was also admitted in the army. Eventually, he took part in politics but after some time left it and advocated and took a stand. In the end, he entered politics and held the post of US President.