How to growth your Business with Email Marketing

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about email marketing. Leading to at least 40% business growth. Yes email marketing is one such online marketing. Through which people advance their business. There are many ways to increase online business. Such as social media (Facebook, Twitter), search engine optimization (SEO), video etc. These platforms are more expensive. But email marketing is also a good option from all these platforms.

1- What is Email Marketing?

Everyone knows the meaning of marketing. Such as local marketing, online marketing, social media marketing. But the marketing is done through email. This is called email marketing.
It is like our regular mail. We send one by one in regular mail. But email marketing this is one-to-many process. You can also call it email broadcasting.
Small companies pay less attention to email marketing. Because they don`t feel like email marketing priority. But big companies give the most priority to email marketing. That is why they growth the business.

  • Through email marketing, people sell the most affliate products.
  • People also do business lead generation through email marketing.
  • Email Marketing: This is a marketing that costs less and benefits more.
  • Through email marketing, people often attract users. Which makes the user see the email.
  • The person who does email marketing designs a good theam and shares the images and buttons on it. Which makes the user see an attractive email.

2-  How to do Email Marketing?

It is not necessary that you have a blog or website, only then you do email marketing. You must have an email address for email marketing. You can easily create this email address through Google.
Email marketing requires some basic knowledge:

  • First of all, you have to have an email address so that you can send email to other person.
  • If you have web email it would be even better. Like ( This method of email address is called business email address.
  • To do email marketing, you must have a bulk email list. Only then you will be able to promote your business, services.  After that, email marketing software is required. Through which email is sent easily.
  • There are some websites from where you can easily buy a business bulk email list. such as trepup, godaddy, emaildatapro, bookyourdata etc.

3- Software used in Email Marketing?


4- Download the Template for Email Marketing and Grow the Business

  • Signup template
  • LogIn template
  • Product template