What I had with me is now with Kohli.

London .  All-time great batsmen in the cricket world.  Vivian Richards, of the West Indies, says that he had Virat Kohli with the game and mentality he possessed.  According to Richards, Kohli reminds his game of his batting style and field with his attitude.  Richards  In a program on Sunday said that I like such boys.  People  Talk about aggression (Aroges) but it has to be believed in itself that it is like having a key to your house.  There is a lot in Virat that reminds me of my own game.  Who was with me at that time, today is the captain of Virat.Is nearby  Richards said, me.  Indian batting has always been in love.  The power that Virat has achieved does not get one night.  Either it's in you  Or you have born with it.  He is a fighter and protects his team more than anyone else.


 Vivian Richards  Former batsman, West Indies