William Shakespeare biography English poet

William Shakespeare was an English poet, playwright and actor who was one of the important and famous writers of the English language. William Shakespeare is also called the National Poet of England and "Bard of Avon". His greatest works include 154 Chaturdash poetry, 38 plays, 2 long narratives, and verses and writings from Bahot. His plays were adapted into many languages ​​and many dramatists also performed his plays.

William Shakespeare biography English poet

Shakespeare was born in Stratford above Avon. After 18 years, she married Anne Hathaway. After some time his wife also had three children, Susan and twins Hamnet and Judith. In 1585–1591, he began his career in London with an actor, writer and a drama company, Lord Chamberlain. He retired from Stretford in 1613 at the age of 49 and he died about 3 years later.

Shakespeare has done a lot of work from 1589 to 1613. His early writings and plays were generally comedy. Later, by 1608, he wrote tragedy plays, including Hamlet, Othello, King Lear and Macbeth. In his last time, he wrote the dramaturgical dramas.

Which includes some exciting plays. Natco has also been published with their source. In 1623, actors John Hemingus and Henry Kandel, two friends and followers of Shakespeare, published his posthumous First Folio. Modern poets rediscovered their works in the 20th to 21st century and metamorphosed and published them.

In 2016, the drama Death 400th Anniversary was celebrated throughout the world as well as the United Kingdom.

Mahakavi Shakespeare had a variety of experiences in his life which are reflected in his poems and works.

Shakespeare had a very high prolific talent as well as knowledge of the rules of art. He got a boon from nature, so everything he touched became gold. His compositions are not only a matter of pride for the English language, but are also immortal.

Shakespeare imagination was as intense as his life experience. Therefore, on the one hand, his plays and poems bring happiness to the achievement, on the other hand we get serious biography from his works. In the history of world literature, there are very few poets kept equivalent to Shakespeare.